I created a logo and branding for an Oxford Access Scheme, as well as a landing page website and printed materials.


Afro-Carribean Tyler Prize

Project dates

November 2017 – January 2018


The Afro-Caribbean Tyler Prize is an access scheme run by Pembroke College that encouraged students who would not usually apply to Oxford to consider applying. It takes the form of an essay competition, where entrants were invited to workshops taught by Oxford students on how to write essays, with the best submissions winning prizes.

I was asked to design a brand for the scheme, to be used on programmers, flyers and posters.

Design decisions

I created a pattern, taking inspiration from traditional African patterns that were provided to me for the shapes and colour palette. I combined this pattern with the newly-released typeface Marvin Visions to create a text-based logo.

I also used this pattern in a silhouette of Oxford, which could be used in PowerPoint presentation templates, flyers, and handouts.


Below is the logo and printed materials I created I created.




I also created a landing page website, which can be viewed here.

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