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Below is a list of projects I have worked on over the last few years. Thanks for checking them out!

Magician Website

Client: Myself!

I designed a modern, responsive website to advertise myself as a magician.

See live website.

Website and UX Consulting

Client: Geta.

Geta is a London-based startup that provides users with a location-based list of where to find items in shops nearby to them. Geta has a proposed limited rollout in August 2018 before expanding to other areas. For Geta, I consulted on the design and UX of their app, and designed the website and shop sign-up.

See case study.

Logo, Branding and Website

Client: the AC Tyler Prize.

The Afro-Carribean Tyler Prize is an annual competition that inspires high-achieving sixth formers who would not usually consider applying to Oxbridge to think about applying. For the AC Tyler Prize, I created a logo and branding guidelines to be used on their mentor and prizegiving days, as well as designing a website.

See case study.

Play Flyers

For I'm Having A Wonderful Time in Baden-Baden.

I designed publicity materials, including social media frames and flyers, for a Cambridge theatre play.

See play on Camdram.

Merchandise for Liberal Democrat Party

Client: The Liberal Democrat Party.

I designed merchandise for the Liberal Democrat's 2018 party conference, including tote bags, mugs and t-shirts, in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the first British women gaining the right to vote.

College Sweatshirts

Client: Hertford College (Oxford) Middle Common Room.

I designed and printed sweatshirts for Hertford College (Oxford) MCR. The design integrates a version of the hart that features in the college's crest, with the iconic window design of the Octagon, the main building of the MCR.

Bucket Hats

Client: Hertford College (Oxford) Junior Common Room

I designed bucket hats for Hertford College students that featured a variation of the hart from the college's crest.

Telethon Sweatshirts

Client: Hertford College (Oxford) Development Office

Hertford College run an annual fundraising campaign where they call college alumni and ask them to pledge donations. In 2017 I was part of the fundraising team, and designed sweatshirts for us to wear.

Pension Tax Calculator

Client: Barnett Waddhingham LLP

Over a two month period, I designed and built from scratch a pension tax calculator for Barnett Waddingham LLP.

See case study.

Quotes Web App

Personal Project For part of the freeCodeCamp challenge, I designed a responsive web app using Vanilla JS that cycles through random quotations by magicians. The website featured easter eggs, a new quotation submission page, and had the option to tweet out any quote.

Bar Society sweatshirts

Client: University of Nottingham Bar Society

I designed a sweatshirt to sell to members of the Bar Society, that combined the society's motto, legal motifs and the logo of the University of Nottingham.

Magic Society Sweatshirt

Client: Oxford Magic Society

I designed a sweatshirt for members of the Oxford Magic Society, featuring illustrations from two famous, classic magic books: Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase, and Modern Coin Magic by Bobo.

Buy now.

Website and EP cover

Client: Holly Redford Jones

Holly is a friend who is a jazz singer. Having been supplied with photos to use, I designed a minimal and impactful design for the front and back cover of Holly's EP. I also created a simple landing-page website, that: (a) lists her upcoming shows, (b) links to her profiles across social media and various online music stores, (c) has a mailing list sign-up form and (d) has contact information.

See live website.

Magic Society Website

Client: Oxford Magic Society

I designed a one-page landing page website to advertise the Magic Society at the University of Oxford to current and incoming students.

See live website.

Music Society Sweatshirt

Client: Hertford College (Oxford) Music Society

I designed a sweatshirt for the Hertford College Music Society, featuring motifs relating to the college and the society.

Arts Festival T-Shirt

Client: Hertford College (Oxford) Arts Festival

I designed a t-shirt to be sold in order to raise funds for the inaugural Hertford College Arts' Festival (HARTFest).

Logo Design and Branding

Client: UniPear

UniPear was a proposed startup to pair university students studying the same subject so that they had a buddy. I adapted a previous design into a new logo and colour scheme for the startup to use; unfortunately the startup collapsed so these resources were unused.

Driving School Website

Client: Tanya Kearney

I designed a simple website for Tanya to advertise driving lessons, that includes contact information, a price-list, and past client testimonials.

See live website.

Edinburgh Fringe Flyer

Client: Myself!

I designed an A5 flyer to advertise my hour long solo magic show, A Theory of Magic, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. To make it stand out among the thousands of other flyers being handed out on the Royal Mile, I designed it in the style of a postcard.

Memory Game Web App

Personal Project

I coded an in-browser memory game that helps a user memorise the order of a deck of cards. It works entirely in-browser and uses a lightweight and open-source framework, Knockout.JS.

See code on GitHub.

Responsive Style Guidelines

Two Month Internship As part of a two month internship at Barnett Waddingham LLP, I worked on a project to update the style guidelines of their client intranet 'BWebStream.' I created a set of design guidelines, which included colour schemes and CSS files (stylesheets), that fitted in with the company's branding and was both intuitive to use and device-responsive.

Ball Flyer

Client: Oxford Hindu Society

As part of my role on the Oxford Hindu Society, I designed a flyer advertising the annual charity ball to celebrate Diwali. These flyers were printed on A6 bright yellow card, and were 'pidged' to thousands of students.