Published on 22 Jan 2020.
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Do U(X) believe in magic?

Late last year I had the opportunity to give a talk that was an introduction to user experience design, which compared it with magic. While UX and magic may seem quite sound unrelated, I argue there’s a lot in common.

There are three areas in particular where both are similar, and where knowledge as a magician can help inform how to create the best experience for users of a digital product. They are:

  1. Telling a story or having a narrative journey.
  2. Controlling and directing attention.
  3. Giving an experience of wonder.

You can watch a full recording of me giving the talk here:

I’ve given this talk at:

  • Design Lab in London in September 2019
  • Horizons (AND Digital) in Leeds in October 2019

Find out more about me as a speaker here.

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