In 2020, I crowdfunded a book on Kickstarter called VANISH. VANISH is a collection of essays that explore how to make something disappear, from the perspectives of magic, art history, philosophy, quantum physics, and more.

I produced a limited hardback edition of 108 copies, exclusively for Kickstarter backers, which has now sold out.

In 2023 I am releasing a new paperback edition of VANISH — watch this space.

The Neat Review Vol. 1

I was honoured to be asked by my friend Alex Hansford to contribute an article to the first volume of his journal, The Neat Review, which also features contributions from Derren Brown, Hector Chadwick and others. That first volume is available here has now sold out.

You can read my article for it here. It considers whether magic can be called an artform, and looks at philosophy, magic theory and art history to explore how we define art and what magic is.