When’s the best time to audio journal?

Question: When’s the best time of day to audio journal?

The answer: The best time to audio journal is at night, before bed. This lets you process everything that happened during the day.

Okay, sure. That makes sense. But what if you work a tiring job, and each night you crash.

Another answer: The best time to audio journal is in the morning when you’ve just woken up. You can talk out what you did yesterday, and process it with the benefit of a good night’s sleep, before setting out plans and expectations for the day ahead.

That could work. But what if you’re terrible at mornings, and wake up with barely enough time for coffee and a shower before your first video call of the day?

Another answer: The best time to audio journal is at lunch when you’ve had time to do a few hours of work, have your morning coffee, and are in a mindset where you can process your long term goals.

And what if your lunch hours are full of meetings, or are when you have time for a quick walk or are spent catching up with your parents or your siblings or your partner?

Another answer: The best time to audio journal is after a workout, where your heart is pounding and your blood is pumping and you’re feeling on top of the world. The physical release of endorphins and adrenaline lead to mental clarity, allowing you to reflect clearly on your life.

But what if…

…and so on.

In short: the best time to audio journal is whenever it feels best for you.

It’s like going for a run. Some people love morning runs. Others detest them. But the best run is the one you do.

Similarly, the best audio journal entry is the one you do. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s a way of offloading what’s on your mind, so as long as you’re able to do that, you’re good.

However, this flexibility doesn’t mean you should keep putting off audio journaling. You should pick a time, and if you can, stick to that time every single day. It’s proven to be the best way to build a habit.

With normal journaling, you need a pen and a notebook at hand. With audio journaling, you only need your phone, and a voice notes app. Give it a try: hit record and talk about what’s on your mind!

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